FQ – Talking about sex with kids

At what age can you have ‘The Talk’ with your child? How much information should you give your little one about where babies come from?

Children are naturally curious beings. So when they start asking you questions about their bodies and where babies come from, you might want to consider having ‘The Talk’ with them. From a very young age,  they may start asking you different types of questions. It could be as simple as where babies come from. Or it could be more about understanding what happens to their body when they grow up. By answering any questions they ask, you can help them to understand their bodies and their feelings from an early age.

If you’re worried that talking about S-E-X could mean your child starts engaging it earlier than you would like, you could be wrong. Evidence shows that children whose parents talk about sex openly start having sex at a later stage. They are also more likely to use contraception. So maybe it’s a good idea to have the talk when they ask their curious questions.

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