FQ – Raising a Genderfluid Child

From Brad Pitt to Russell Brand, the number of children being raised genderfluid in the celeb world is growing.

Whether it’s a concept you know much about, or something completely new, the idea of raising a genderfluid child is not one greatly talked about. So we here at FQ thought we should give all you dads the lowdown.

What does the term mean? 

Essentially, a genderfluid child is the same as one which is gender neutral. They don’t identify as either the male or female gender. As with Bradgelina‘s little girl Shiloh, raising your child to be gender neutral simply means you leave it up to them. If they want to wear dresses, they wear dresses. If they want to wear ‘best bro’ t-shirts, despite being born a girl then they wear ‘best bro’ tops. It’s about going against stereotypical norms of what is classed as being “masculine” or “feminine”. It’s as simple as that.

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