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It is common for us to hear how boys need strong male figures in their life, but what about being a role model to your daughter?

Having a positive relationship with your daughter can have a huge impact on her life. A father can influence his daughter’s life by shaping her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and even, her opinions of men. So how exactly can you be a role model to your precious little girl?

Influence her self image 

By consistently telling her she is beautiful will help build your daughter’s confidence and she will develop a good self-image. We don’t just mean her physical image, it is important that she knows about her inner-beauty too. What you should be mindful of is this – watch what you say to other women around your girl. Small comments about female celebrities might not mean much to you as a man but they can have an affect on your daughter. By teaching her that self-worth is important, you will be helping her become a positive role model and influence to other people too.

Help her dream big

It is important to empower your little girl and make sure she has the confidence to follow her dreams. Dads need to know the influence they have on their daughters and how encouragement is a great. Although she will get encouragement from her peers, teachers and her mum, every girl needs her dad to say well done too.

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