FQ – Following in Your Footsteps

Gordon Ramsay’s 15 year old daughter has followed his foodie footsteps but should you encourage yours to follow you?

It is common knowledge that children learn from what they see. Kids mimic the behaviour, beliefs and attitudes of their parents. If you smoke, your child is more likely to smoke. If you listen to ACDC on repeat, your child will most likely become the next Axl Rose. So should you be surprised if your child follows your career path? Many parents are proud and extremely happy when their children say they are going to follow in their footsteps. As I am sure Gordon Ramsay was. It is often considered an honour for your child to choose to emulate you. Which is probably a major factor as to why many children choose the same occupation as their parents.

However, can you really consider it a good thing, or are there more hidden issues that you think?

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